Wednesday, May 4, 2011


She died last night
Fell into the shadows
Never to speak again
She never exist
At least to them
An out cast
Trying to paint sunshine
With black
She wished for color
But she is dead
And lives in shadows
She stopped breathing
All those hateful things
Ate her alive
And she believed it
Built a house out of those lies
And let the walls
Crush her bones into dust
So she can start again
But she will never see the sun rise
She is too focused on this darkness
To find her true skin
She lives in me
She lives in you
Through broken homes
Broken spirits
Lies and deception
That knife in her back belong
To you and me
We feel the sting
Now we must heal her
She is a candle flicker
We must  bring her to the light
She is looking for acceptance
In a world that has put a toe tag on her
Labeled her as dead
Silenced her voice
Pushed her inside herself
Yet one day she will roam free
Her sunshine will be bright purple
And she will feel a hundred
Hands heal her
Heal her with words
And she will know
She was put here for a reason
\And as her lungs fill
With the most amazing air
She hugs her chest
Staring at the sky
She heres the world
Around her
Trying to push her
Six feet deep
With renewed strength
She paints herself in the universe
Allowing herself to truly exist
Moving full speed ahead
She is truly alive today
She is no longer a victim
She is no longer death
Traded the black
For rainbows
She no longer exist in
She's in love with the sky
Moving light speed
She's lives to tell her story
She lives so someone else wont die....

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  1. wow a great write,, that exists with heartfelt emotions and tact.