Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DNA Fragments

If it is true what the say about dna
I have half a crack addict
and the other half of me is made up of
A vietnam vet
With ptsd
An addiction
To be loved
With gypsy feet
I run from anything
To do with love
Yet I will read any book
To fix myself,not the enviroment
The inner hypochondria in me
(Thanks mom)
Tries to diagnose
While my dads side
would rather tough it out
gestures middle fingers to the world
cause we all know
those peace loving hippie days are over with
I am both childlike like my mother
Who never took responsibility
For any of short comings
Rough and rugged an old soul like my father
I am all their flaws bundled up
Into my own disaster
Yet even though I share dna
Every part of me tries to break away
To break the strand
To break the cycle
I'd rewrite the story
Yet you can't rewrite this crazy out of it
The similarities scare me
See mom and dad
Cut the ties when I was two
Sent me into cruel world
To fend for myself
A foster kid till I was 3
I don't know how I share these traits
Yet it is in me
I can't run from it
Disguise me
They say you share your dna
I think that is b.s.
I think one day
You wake up
Realizing you can do better
You wake up
Find that unique difference
In your genetic makeup
Maybe one day I won't notice
Their flaws
The way my face wrinkles
Like my mother
Maybe I won't isolate the world
Like my dad
Maybe I will open my mouth
Speak only to those
That motivate me to write
The outcast
The people born into families they don't even belong to
We can live in our own land of misfit toys
Yet we will be the misfit kids
Instead of being looked on because of our flaws
We will shine like the sun
And embrace our presence in the world....

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