Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love Train

I was headed to the subway
I was headed to the pathway
I was headed to the stairway
through mazes
through tunnels
Anyway I could get
I was being sent messages
Some force was pulling at me
My senses where telling me
If I just follow the yellow brick road
I'd find everything I ever looked for
At that moment
All I needed was unclear
Yet my legs couldn't stop moving
Faster through fields
Faster uphill ,through winding mountains
Heart burning, beating in anxiety
I traveled through the forest deep
Till I was alone with my thoughts
I collapsed in exhaustion
Screaming to the heavens
As if begging them
To reveal their mysteries to me
The loneliness sank in
As I lay their cold
Shut off completely
That's when I felt him
I felt him strong as the wind
Circling around me
Strong as the heart beat in my chest
I lifted my head
He was dark , almost shadowy
Almost abrasive but as soon as
His hand reached out for mine
I knew trust
Heart still beating
The sun beamed down on me
I felt embraced by this stranger
He spoke poems without speaking
He healed with out potion
My emotions whirred
Then slowed down
He was a mind whisperer
In his calm
Pieces fell together
In his calm I felt at home
He was taking me to find love
It wouldn't be easy
10,585 days had decomposed my structure
I was an abandoned ship
Yet I felt the transformation
As we moved faster nearing our destination
we traveled days and nights
On bus , on train and plains till
We drove a rental car to philly
And he showed me love
The sculpture was just that but
With the whirring and hums of passing cars
I blocked out the world
Till I could only love myself
And when I could only hear my heart beating
I looked up and the shadow man
Had disappeared................

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