Tuesday, September 13, 2011

beautifully complicated

i'd write you a love song
but you do not wish to be loved
so why waste words
on something that is not there
me and you are a beautiful illusion
made up of legs twisting together
lips locked
and fingertips reaching out
to bridge the distance
from point a to point b
to bridge the distance
from my walls to yours
together yet apart
you hold the pieces
of my heart together
and in your safety
i fall so slowly
i fall so stupidly
into your lovely trap
and my intuition tells me to run
before point a and point b
get further apart
yet i am reminded this man has my heart
attached like two soul mates
with out the mates
just two souls linked
unable to move forward
and unable to move back
to friendly hellos
back to the safe side of solitude
before things got beautifully complicated