Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am

I am that annoying kid
Nobody understands
Loud outburst
Can't control my temper
I just want to punch somebody
A wall will do
I am the one that stands out loudly
Like won't he just go away
Won't she just vanish
I am the homeless man
Thrown off a bus for smelling funny
I am loud pop stars trying to make their
Outside look pretty
Yet there inside is ugly
I am hair weaves
I am spray on tan and silicone
I am the outcast
The strange looks
The whispers behind the back
I am silent cries in the night
Holding a razor blade
 To make it all stop
I am dank weed smoke
To chase ghosts away
I am creativity stifled by ignorant fucks
I am that freshman in highschool
The new person in town
I am everything right with the world
No second chances
Cause I can't buy a loan
On expired happiness
I am still holding onto that red balloon
Obliviously that my two feet aren't on the ground
I am fed up with the government
Yet I refuse to speak up
I am that mother in the welfare line you called a crack addict
When in reality I am homeless
I am humanity's funeral
I am killing my own kind
With every know hate crime known to mankind
Corporate Civil war
Silence the masses with toxic sin
So they can make us pray to their"god"
We can't even get peace of mind
Not even at christmas time
I am baby's dumped in dumpsters
Toilets and the side of the road
I am the cruel harshness of the world
Waking up knowing no one will ever give a  fuck
So why give a fuck about ourselves
I am lazy and self absorbed
Shy and disillusioned
I am hypocrisy
Golden rule thrown down the toilet
As we sit and watch everyone
Rob , steal and kill our little bit of heaven
I am suicide
Not screaming for help
Just can't take it anymore
Sick of shelling out money
To fund research for things
That should have been cured years ago
I am instant tv dinners and fast food
I am eyes bigger then the plate
Complaining while families
Are fighting for food and shelter
Down the street
I am America
I am wallstreet
All walks of life who
Wont unify
Cause of germs
We don't want to rub off on each other
Yet we don't want to be ourselves
I am multiple personality disorder
Schizophrenia and anorexia nervosa
Racism and homophobia
I am resurrected into some
Bride of Chuckie media monster
Love child of lindsey lohan and lady gaga
I am originality
Duplicate prints available at your local walmart
Clean up on aisle four
Total mental breakdown
Send us all to betty ford
Put draino in our coffee to slow us down
We haven't slept in 2 weeks
Since we found twitter
I am a survivor
Running up this hill called life
Unmoved by anything that would
Try and defeat me
I am
Pieces of a whole lot of nothing
Trying to hold it all together
Without snapping .......


  1. I liked it but ill tell u more in our convo
    Reread the line above the Corporate Civil War

  2. *SMILING* What Did I Tell Ya Mizzy Pooh Write when You are Emotional Tres Magnifique" PLEASE Join Us Next Sunday &Recite This Wonderful Piece I Felt It!MUCH LOVE & CONTINUAL BLESSINGS! Jill

  3. hey queen love it ...your did your thang.... deep

  4. loved it....go head mizz fab!!!

  5. WOW!!!!!! Nothing but love for this!