Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Destroying Angels

Where were you
When they were destroying angels
Clipping wings off of them
Before they could form sentences
Before they could eat solid food
Where were you when they traded
Elementary school backpacks
For lip smackers and short shorts
Tuck them into bed with stories
Of safety
While you watched lullabies of war on tv
When did we get so obsessed with money
When did we get do obsessed with violence
We would ignore the cries of angels
As their wings got separated from flesh
We are ripping innocence
From them , like baby teeth
Learning to suck up spilled milk
Cause it cost too much to clean it up
A bruise , a broken bone
A trip down the stairs
A walk into the door
She's so clumsy
Hoping to god she don't walk away
18 with a gun in her hand
Cocked to her head
Cause all she wanted to do was
Shut people up
Yet mama is a drunk
Daddy's too busy dodging beer bottles
When he comes home from destroying other angels
She just wishes she could of told them
Before she found smack
Found jesus
Found smack again
Then took 12 steps to find Jesus again
She had told them
That even if angel wings are ripped off
They can still fly
A little
She puts down the gun
She paces back and forth
She's twenty stories up
She cries into the night
She jumps

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