Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obsessing over you- A Remy, Mija , Fab collabo


I don’t love you
I love you
I want to tie you up to my bed
And ride you
Deprive you
Make myself comfortable
While I twist on you.
I have been watching you for some time now,
I have been trying to figure out how
I don’t want to love you or to be in love with you
I just want to sin with you
Take you away from your wife
Make you forget your life
Just so you can
Stroke me right…
Hold me tight
Only for one night
Please don’t fight
I just want to sex you
Flex with you
I need you have to have
Snatch you up and grab you
I lust for you
Just for you
Make my dreams come true
For a moment or two
I don’t know how to love
Never really cared for it
I just want you between my thighs
So you can adore it
Mi amor it
I don’t want happily ever after
I want you to be my ass clapper
For this chapter
It doesn’t matter
Make it splatter.
You said you like it wetter
Trust me I am better
I can make u forget her
I just want to kiss
I am your mistress
Never to be dismissed
Please don’t resist
Just let me have you for this moment
Yes…just like this….

yes... i love your kiss.

but i hate your wife and kids.
but i love to see you happy...
it feels like narcotic bliss...

but while your wife was out at fitness..
your cousin saw your hit this...
and now he is a witness...
but i told him if he ran his lips
then i would leave him kidless..

but even a soul scorn as mine
can't put a hit upon a kid
but i wasn't takin' chances...
so i left his head split..
had him buried in a pit...
leaking a sickly, slow drip....

see how much i love you?
now your wife won't know,
unless you let guilt show...

...what's this i heard about me being just some "hoe"?
i thought...
... i thought...


you... you said you cared...
and for rejection... i am quite... ill-prepared...

**Mizz Fab**
and i am ill mentally
fifth of vodka
and i am traveling
down an abandoned road
mudd caked stillettos
dress dripping in blood
and i am draggin a shovel
what have i done
i loved you
past seduction
past candle lit dinners
fuck all that and fuck you
what am i going to do
i am already in hell
and i am running out of liquor
colapse in the middle of the highway
praying death will come quicker
convulsing and shaking
tears flood out my eye
my stomach is in nots
and i see you standing over me
but you are ghost
invading my concious
and i have to live with these regrets
i have to live
with these nightmares
and you took a piece of my soul
as i took your life
and now i lay in solitude
holding onto sanity
and the voices wont shut up

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