Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on the floor

I may seem innocent
Yet tonight I want to be bad
Why make it to the bed
I want to bang on the floor
Screw planning
Candles and music
Rose petals and baths drawn
Fuck massages
All a waste of time
I want you to fuck me
Dirty and nasty
I want you to
Do me on the floor
Your wasting time
I am dripping wet
I need you to fuck me
No foreplay
No four course meal
I am in a hurry
I'll even  keep on the heels
I just need you inside me
Deep porno pounding
Thrust synchronized
To racing heart beats
Beat this pussy up
While you pull my hair
I dont care
I just need you
On the floor
Rug burns
Yet we still want more
Deeper ,harder, and faster
I don't want talking or love making
I want fucking on the floor
Can I get more
Bang me up against the door
Once more before you leave
Just fuck me
Like the world is gonna end
If you dont cum one more time
Lick , bite and suck one more time
Ride and grind inside
Till you feel my walls close in
Around your dick
Right before the toe curls
Screams and moans
Before I lick you clean
Then cuddle you right on the floor
That fleeting moment of romance
In the aftermath
Where you wrap your arms round me
Staring out the sky light
Wrapped up in eachothers nakedness

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