Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Customized God

 I wonder if people make their own God
Kinda like build a bear
Cept instead build a God
Assemble pieces of the Bible
To make it fit for them
The new God
Will come with a lift kit
So he will always appear
To be levitating
Over your own shit
Can bail you out of jail
Will look at your problems
Ten times more important
Then all the meaningless
Stuff going on in the world
The new God won't watch the news
Yet will save you 10 percent on your car insurance
Get that dead beat husband to pay back child support
Find ways to talk the cop out of that speeding ticket
Cause you are a child of God fearfully and wonderfully made
So you wouldn't speed right
If you created a God
Placed up signs in protest
Didn't even ask his opinion
Promoted things he doesn't stand for
How would he feel ?
Knowing your endorsed his name
Make him the spokesperson
For hate
Place evil into the center
Of the epitomy of peace
I mean by now
You have thrown out the Bible
Lost Him in your own translation
Of who you needed God to be
The world will never know Him
Because we keep using it as an excuse
We pass out that name
Like school nurses diagnose adhd
Yet I know one thing
If we could customize God
He wouldn't have sent Jesus
To die on the cross for all these sins
We didn't commit
If we could customize God
We would be more powerful then Him
We would be God
Yet then we wouldn't need God
See we could try and customize Him
Yet it would be pointless