Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I tried to reach you
Tried to feel you 
But my fingertips 
Just brushed the air
I tried to reach for you
Yet you where not there
And i didn't leave a message
Cause beds don't have answering machines
Saying get back to me
I need you to vacate the other part
Yet not enough to admit 
I need you
I need your aroma to flood my senses
Till I am breathing in you
I need you
Your arms 
Your arms 
Are missed 
Miles apart
Yet you hold my body hostage
Memories flash through my head
Yet I cannot reenact these scenes alone
I wake up 
Anticipating your arms yet 
They are not there
I am left alone
Knowing you are there
On the other side
Of wanting too
Wanting me 
My heart falls to the ground 
You pick it up
Put it back in its place
It's not time to give you that to you yet
You lift my head up
Place kisses on my forehead
You look into my eyes as if your lost in a trance
You remind me to smile
You remind me that some one likes these broken parts
I no longer wish 
Cause I know one day i will be right where I am supposed to be
Till then I will bask in the rays of your sunshine
Letting it warm me as I walk away
Surviving another rainstorm ............

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