Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seasons Of Love

A baby cries into the night
Unaware of its surroundings
It reaches out
Snatching winter
From its cold grey funeral
Bringing in spring slowly
Colors fly past him in blurs
His eyes adjust
Flowers bloom
New love does too
People dream
And winter is forgotten
Life awakens from hibernation
The baby adjust to the world
Summer begins
Temperatures rise
Fire works go off
Then they die
Baby explores all the firsts
Lovers quarrel and make up
Wish upon stars and dream for better days
Bills get tight
Yet they aren't giving up
Getting lost in the simple pleasure of summer
They don't see the leaves change
Their side of the bed get further away
Distance and as quickly as trees end up baren
So do souls
The baby has grown used to the cold
As autumn wizzes by
Snow flakes hit the ground
The lovers do not speak
As they descend six feet under into hibernations
There arguments rattle windows worse
Then trains and busses passing by
Life is going so much slower
You can almost hear funeral durges in the air
Love is on vacation
Only making guest appearances at holidays
A baby turns one
As winter slowly surrenders
Lovers cum out of hibernation
Bitterly look at all the growth around them
Realizing they are standing still
There hearts have been taken over by hate
They will not savor the milestones
The things they have endured side by side
Yet look at everything that has brought them to this season of loss
won't recognize this beauty
they wont spring forward
but fall back into winters grave
never to remember the light again.......

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