Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ayuda me

Save me 
Before I hit the ground 
Before I give you my heart
Stupid me 
Put it together
Save me 
Before I trip and fall
Let you rip the scars on the wall
And tear down these walls 
Save me 
Save me from talking to myself
From sleeping alone 
Hugging the pillow alone 
Cursing it cause it doesn't even smell like you
Save me for crying floods 
And save me from getting attached to the warmth of your body
The sting your lips place on my soul 
As they brush mine 
Save me 
Numb me
Leave me with my walls colliding around me
Be my earthquake , my turmoil
My ten step program
My addiction 
Take the knife and rip my heart out
So I don't have to deal with the anticipation 
Freezer burn from your cold shoulder
Leave me with the ghosts of memories
That haunt me with dripping desires
Till I blink back tears of aloneness
Wishing you where here .....

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