Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Silent battles

She sits there , feeling like the world doesn't understand her
Her body and mind are at war
And she is the one that suffers
The depression left her with no appetite
A razor blade in her hand
The Bible she used to sleep with has fallen under the bed
The clock ticks slowly
And as she picks up the razor blade
Her heart thumps against her chest
The rapid movement burns
Leaving her with anxiety
She hyperventilates
Looking for breathing to go back to normal
The voices in her head
Her only companion left says
Just do it already
She is ridden with guilt
As she rips at her skin
Praying and wailing
Hoping to God Jesus will still take her
As she falls to the floor convulsing
Wishing the room would just stop that
Someone anyone could stop this
The blood drips much faster
She has gone for experimenting
To a full addict
One scars turned into 20
20 turned into 50
75 turned into completely out of control
Now she is begging for help but her lips wont move
Her lips are sewed shut
She can't speak
But her scars are silent stories
The unwritten blues song
The silent screams in the night
Knowing she has gone to far
Yet like quicksand she is sinking
And cannot find her way out
The clock ticks
She is running out of time
Her wings have fallen off
And she know longer wishes to fight
Yet something keeps her hear
And she doesnt realize it is herself
Carrying her lifeless corpse to the next chapter
She can't even see the next page
Cause someone cut the lights to her soul

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