Friday, August 5, 2011

she left me

She left me
Just like that
No goodbye
Just walked out of my life
And I never felt so alone
As when I boarded that plane
And headed home
Although I had your extra baggage
Weighing me down
You left me with a pocketful of regrets
Things i never said
I really wish you where here
So I could yell at you
Before you died
Before I had a chance to forgive you
Or show you me all grown up
With scars on my fragile heart
That you placed
You left me
Without a good bye
No hand held in the icu
No sad parting words
You left me to hold onto these grudges
Trying to move forward
Morning comes and your still dead
And I am left with things I should have said
And the guilt cuts into me
I never stood up to you
When i was dodging your fist
When I had my hair wrapped around your fingers
Could you please just tug a little gentler
Could you stop hurting me
You passed on four years ago
Take your hands away from my throat
And let me just breath
You left me
I am still here
Needing peace
Sick of waking up in cold sweats
Just to find your presence isn't gone yet
You haunt me
Even though you left
And your not gone
You live in every single one of my regrets...........

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