Thursday, August 11, 2011

How would you know

She sits there loudly proclaiming her gospel to the birds
She lives in the park and no one understands her
Through drunken slurs
Her hair is wild
I swear there is stories there
Stories of how she got here
People pass and they laugh
She is hurting
Shoes held together with rubberbands
She runs after the birds
Hair flying madly
As she goes
And she could give a fuck about the world
It turned there back on her
Called her that stupid crazy homeless bitch
Yet they dont know her stories
I see them written in her wrinkled skin
She sips out of a paper bag
Write before she crouches in the bushes
Not because she has lost her dignity
She never had anyone
See she carries these secrets between her legs
The places she knew daddy shouldn't have touched
The reason she is unable to speak or hold a job
The reason she would rather speak to birds then
Deal with the laughing
They arrest her
One cop comments on her smell
The other just comments on her free ticket to a warm bed and 3 hot meals
She speaks in a foreign tongue
Screaming and wailing as she heads down town
Wanting to be someone
Wanting to be misunderstood
Wanting to be human
But she is dead inside
As dead as the birds who have aged and never flew away to safety
Lost and drowning
I pray for her escape..

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