Friday, July 8, 2011

I wanna be in love

I  wanna be in love
Not Taylor Swift lyrics
kind of love
I wanna be in 3d love
Imax , big screen tv kind of love
No words can express this
Kind of love
Tears shed
Waiting to fill the other side of the bed
kind of love
I wanna be in love
Not Artificial candy hearts
Only on Valentines day kind of love
I want my socks to literally be knocked off
While I get actually swept off my feet
getting that kiss you know
the one that make you lift
just one leg slightly
I want to know what love is
I want to feel it in every fiber of my being
I want to grow old
Then decompose
and watch the flowers grow above our side  by side plot
kind of love
i want to birth a future of poets and lovers and dreamers
kind of love
i want to bring back motown , jazz and the blues kind of love
i want to that gut wrenching
sickening sweet kind of love
that gives you a cavity and makes you want to puke at the same time
i want to get dizzy floating on cloud nine
that i fall from the skies
and hit cupid on his head
and make him fall in love too
But first i want to fall in love with myself
before i even fall for you

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