Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time stopped

Like hands of a clock
Moving backwards
Time has stopped
No longer do we live for the moment
Savor it sweetly 
We rush it along
Cause we have too much to do
And no time
Time has gone missing like mailboxes
Ya you can find one
Yet they are gonna be attached to your pc or laptop
Usually belonging to a browser
Or attached to our damn cellphones
Cause when does anyone really have time to talk to anyone
We would rather text down a busy highway
And put everyone else's life in jeopardy
See we are on borrowed time
So we jack other people's time make it ours
Living in the moment is so much different then living reckless
We use our words as bullets
Damn near killing everyone in a 5 mile radius
And that is how we keep it real
By being dangerous and reckless
Yet time stoppped
Got overworked by instant gratification
See we just keep finding ways to make things quicker
And we wonder why 
No one wants to spend any time with us
It's cause time is dead
Something that is supposed to be endless
Has short fused
We simplify things
Taking the easy way out
To save some time
Yet time stopped
Sick of spending 24 hours
Rushing your kids to school
Then soccer practice 
Baking cupcakes for the school bake sale
Then going home and making dinner
Just to be told no one will be eating cause it took to long
Then we wonder why we have a nation of adhd babies
Who's attention span is haywire
No one can be controlled 
Since time stopped
Sick of working double time
No paid vacation and no sick time
We abuse time
Scream at it when a loved one dies
It wasn't their time
We hold onto people
We don't even spend time with
I know grandma was 90 but i loooooved her
i know i didn't spend anytime with my boyfriend
But he shouldn't have cheated on me
We blame time like we blame God, the government and our parents
Putting our faults into one of the four categories 
Sometimes all of them 
Till our responsibility 
Ends up in a casket
Burried deep into the ground
We plan funerals everyday
For things we should have spent more time with
Our jobs
Our kids 
Our relationships
Yet time stands still waiting to go back to time 
When we at least had time to breath
When things where slower
Yet like the hands of a clock 
You can't rewind time
And like a dead battery 
There is no reviving this isn't energizer 
This isn't a dress rehearsal and you can't redo life
So I guess we just need to make more time
More time to :
Live in the moment
Appreciate the world around us
Before our time is up
Before the ticking stops
Before our heart stops
 Because I would rather live a life of fulfillment
Then be responsible for making time stop



  2. Hot Damn Fab.... I was on a roller coaster. My heart was beating so fast as I read it and slowly slowed down as I was reading the end. Its like you painted it that way for us to see how we rush time. Very vivid and factual in all areas covered. Again... HOT DAMN!!!